Monday, March 11, 2013

The Journey Home

We got back home from our trip to Arizona about a week ago.

Instead of driving back the way we came, we drove through New Mexico, so I didn't get to see the Grand Canyon again. But I got to see parts of New Mexico I hadn't seen before. Here are some photos, listed in chronological order:

Looking back from New Mexico at mountains in Arizona.
The tree is located at 32.2235, -109.018

A giant white patch barely inside New Mexico, on the I-10

Wind turbines in south-western New Mexico

Looking ahead at a mirage

Solar power plant

The Rio Grande Gorge, near La Junta

Looking back from Colorado at hills in New Mexico

A 3-layer lenticular cloud in southern Colorado. Lenticular clouds are uncommon.
At the beginning of our trip, we looked behind us at the Colorado border and saw a sign that said "Welcome to Colorful Colorado!" That didn't make much sense until we got back from our long trip in Arizona, and saw how colorful Colorado really was.

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