Friday, November 9, 2012

Pictures from October

These are some of my pictures from October. Some may have been trimmed, but most were not. To see a larger view, click on the image.

First are some pictures of black-billed magpies, one of the most common fall/winter birds where I live:

And here are some contrails. Contrails are the clouds which airplanes leave behind them.

The next 3 pictures were taken through some stacked loupes my mom gave me. See if you can figure out what they are.

Now here's a picture of the moon. It was in its waxing crescent phase; "waxing" means "getting larger", and you probably know what "crescent" means.

This is a picture of one of our first snowfalls.

Now a kid in a costume.

Now here are some eggs. You might recognize them from a previous post.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Eating Eggs

Lately I've been eating much larger breakfasts than I used to eat. Almost every morning, I eat 6 to 7 eggs plus something good like a glass of juice or a fried sliced potato, or sometimes a bowl of cereal. This is very strange compared to what I used to eat: 2 bowls of cereal, or some pancakes. What happened?

Well, at one point my dad found some bowls of wasted cereal on the table. They weren't mine, in case you're wondering. So he decided to just stop buying cereal; if people waste it, why bother?

Now that my main breakfast food was gone, I had to find something else to eat. I had tried oatmeal before, and hadn't liked it a lot. I tried it again; still the same problem (as a side note, let me say that I never waste food if I have the choice). Eventually, I decided to try eggs.

A plate of eggs. I ate them all.
You may be wondering why I never tried that before, and the reason is that I don't like eggs without toast; without toast, what do you do with all that runny yolk?

Well, I didn't have toast, but I was hungry just the same. My sister was making eggs, so this was the perfect day to start. She asked me how many eggs I wanted. First I asked for 3 (because that was how many I usually ate). Then, realizing that I could definitely eat more than that, I changed my order to 4; then 5, then 6. She started protesting, and somebody even appealed to a higher authority: "Mom, he wants to eat six eggs! You can't let him do that!"

What, now was I a criminal or something? I only wanted to eat! But my siblings thought that eating so many eggs wouldn't be healthy, so I had to argue my case. In the end, I got my wish, but on one condition: that I would make sure my dad bought lots of eggs.

My uncle won an eating contest as a teen, and my dad ate multiple adult meals from restaurants as a teenager. I guess eating a lot is in my genes.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Yesterday was Halloween. Some people I know don't do anything on Halloween. I'm not one of them, and never have been; I've gone trick-or-treating every year since I was about 2 or 3.

When I first started, I didn't stay out very long, and at least one of my parents stayed with me at all times. Yesterday I stayed out for about 2½ hours with some siblings and a couple of friends, and would have stayed longer if I was allowed; the candy I get then is pretty much all of the candy I get for the next year. And it really does last that long. Even now, I still have a few pieces of candy left from last year! You might be able to guess that I'm proud of my self-control when it comes to Halloween candy. My other siblings finished off their candy many months ago.

The main idea for trick-or-treating is to dress up as something cool. This year I was planning on being a burglar, since I couldn't think of much else. My sister told me that she was dressing up as Buttercup from The Princess Bride (which is a really cool book, and also a neat movie). Bingo! I could be the Dread Pirate Roberts (from the same book), and then we'd match! So she decided to help me with my costume.

About a week ago, she decided to dress up as something else; but I still dressed up as the Dread Pirate Roberts. I guess he must not be a very well-known character; everybody kept asking me if I was Zorro (but that could be because they look so similar).