Friday, May 20, 2016

Boeing 747 Drawings

I am fascinated by man-made transportation devices. Besides the fact that they can be very advanced technologically, they almost always look really awesome. The ones that fly are the coolest to look at; I love their sleek appearance and clean, smooth colors. It makes them really fun to draw.

In this post, I'm including a two different drawings of a Boeing 747.

One interesting thing about the Boeing 747 is that there isn't only one type. The 747 comes in several variants, each with different dimensions and characteristics. The 747SP is the shortest of the variants, with a length of 185 feet; the longest is the 747-8, with a length of 250 feet. I decided to draw the 747-400, which is 231 feet long.

The first drawing is a sketch I made using a regular graphite pencil. To prepare for my watercolor sketch on special paper, I thought I should make a quick practice sketch first. Once I started sketching I decided to go the whole way and make it good, so my final result actually ended up being somewhat realistic.

Next I used watercolor pencils. This is the first detailed drawing I made using watercolor pencils. It was a neat experience. Watercolor pencils are basically like regular colored pencils, but the pencil lead is water-soluble so the drawings can be smoothed out with water and a paintbrush. The pencil tip can also be moistened, making it like a tiny paintbrush capable of rendering fine details.

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  1. This is awesome. Also, if you have free time, this web comic(graphic novel) has amazing art: