Monday, November 5, 2012

Eating Eggs

Lately I've been eating much larger breakfasts than I used to eat. Almost every morning, I eat 6 to 7 eggs plus something good like a glass of juice or a fried sliced potato, or sometimes a bowl of cereal. This is very strange compared to what I used to eat: 2 bowls of cereal, or some pancakes. What happened?

Well, at one point my dad found some bowls of wasted cereal on the table. They weren't mine, in case you're wondering. So he decided to just stop buying cereal; if people waste it, why bother?

Now that my main breakfast food was gone, I had to find something else to eat. I had tried oatmeal before, and hadn't liked it a lot. I tried it again; still the same problem (as a side note, let me say that I never waste food if I have the choice). Eventually, I decided to try eggs.

A plate of eggs. I ate them all.
You may be wondering why I never tried that before, and the reason is that I don't like eggs without toast; without toast, what do you do with all that runny yolk?

Well, I didn't have toast, but I was hungry just the same. My sister was making eggs, so this was the perfect day to start. She asked me how many eggs I wanted. First I asked for 3 (because that was how many I usually ate). Then, realizing that I could definitely eat more than that, I changed my order to 4; then 5, then 6. She started protesting, and somebody even appealed to a higher authority: "Mom, he wants to eat six eggs! You can't let him do that!"

What, now was I a criminal or something? I only wanted to eat! But my siblings thought that eating so many eggs wouldn't be healthy, so I had to argue my case. In the end, I got my wish, but on one condition: that I would make sure my dad bought lots of eggs.

My uncle won an eating contest as a teen, and my dad ate multiple adult meals from restaurants as a teenager. I guess eating a lot is in my genes.

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