Monday, June 22, 2015

Golden Flowers

Honey bee on flower
A few days ago I found a field full of bright yellow flowers. It looked kind of nice, so I started taking pictures. My main goal was to get a photo which showed the vast number of flowers, without any extra information that might distract the mind. I ended up with this:

There are probably a couple thousand flowers in that photo. I was amazed at how many flowers there were.

Anyway, as I was photographing the flowers (probably Perky Sue), I noticed that there were a lot of bees in the field, buzzing from flower to flower and (presumably) collecting nectar and pollen. So I took some photos of the bees.

Of course, I didn't stop at that. Among other photos, I got a photo of a giant dandelion (actually called a Salsify, although "Goliath Puffweed" would suit it way better):

Giant dandelion salsify

A cactus flower:

A flowering yucca (not to be confused with yuca, also known as cassava, which is toxic when raw, and grows in South America):

Flowering yucca plant

And daisy fleabane, which is a weird name for a cool flower:

White daisy fleabane

Yep, lots of yellow and white. So here's something purple - a field milkvetch:

And that pretty much sums it up. As always, comments are welcome!

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