Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Drought

The actual sun appeared bright red, but my camera picked up some invisible radiation as violet.
This photo was not enhanced.

Last year was very dry. Wildfires raged through the state, and a firework ban on Independence Day made everybody even more sorry about the lack of water.

I think this summer is turning out to be a repeat. So far we've had 3 historically significant fires: the Black Forest Fire, which burned 14,280 acres and was the most destructive ever recorded in Colorado (in terms of property damage); the Royal Gorge Fire, which burned 3,800 acres and jumped the Royal Gorge; and the West Fork Complex, which is still burning 0% contained, and has so far burned more than 83,004 acres.
Photos of an affected area, arranged  in chronological order.
Just today, we watched a wildfire almost in our backyard, and saw the firefighters putting it out. We packed up in case we had to evacuate, but they got it under control and put it out. They had a helicopter with a water basket hanging below it, and the pilot kept getting water from a facultative lagoon at a nearby sewage treatment plant and dumping it on the fire. He was amazing at flying that thing; he could even fly sideways.

I hope things improve. Wildfires might look neat, but they aren't exactly safe. I don't like firework bans, either.

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