Monday, April 29, 2013

Sprout Jar

Photos of seeds from yesterday, to scale.
The onion is the one on the left.
A couple of days ago I planted 3 seeds in a clear glass jar, so I could watch them germinate. 2 of the seeds came from one of my basil plants, and the other came from a green onion plant. This is partly a test on the quality of my home-grown seeds, but also a fun gardening activity; after all, who wouldn't like to sprout  some seeds and watch them grow?

Here's how you can make your own sprout jar:

1. First make sure you have some seeds you can use. Popcorn kernels work very well, if they haven't been popped yet; the better they pop, the better they grow. You can also use dry uncooked beans.

2. Acquire a small clear tube of some sort. I used an empty spice jar with the label removed.

 3. Fold and/or cut a paper towel until it is as wide as the jar is tall. Then roll it up and put it inside the jar. Try to make the paper towel tight against the sides of the jar.

4. Add seeds to the jar. Place the seeds between the glass and the paper towel, so you can see them.

5. Add a little water to the bottom of the jar. Let the water soak into the paper towel, until it's wet. If necessary, add more water.

6. Put the jar in a dark place, and leave it there until the seeds sprout leaves. If you don't want to miss anything, check it morning and night. Water it whenever the paper towel starts to get dry.

7. Eventually, if you want to finish growing the plant, transfer the seeds to a pot of moist dirt or to the garden. Water whenever you think it needs it.

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